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Internship J. Mayer H.

Adidas World of Sports is a team project in which I participated during my internship at J. Mayer H. It is a design for a new office building for Adidas on their campus in Herzogenaurach. The design was made during five weeks together with three colleagues. My role during the first weeks was to do volume studies and façade studies. Later I also did the site modeling, a lot of the rendering and I was responsible for the design of the physical model that eventually has been manufactured by a professional model maker.

The star shape of the building guarantees a strong relation with the green surroundings.  The shape of the building is also designed to emphasize velocity and the sporty identity of Adidas. The wings of the building come together in the centre where an atrium is made. Around this atrium, most of the shared facilities of the building are located, such as gathering spaces.



Top: Exterior rendering.

Rendering and 3D-model made by me, final photoshopping by a colleague


Bottom: Physical model photos

Model is designed by me and built by a model maker

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