The Host




Multidisciplinary Team Project

TU Delft



The Host is a project born from a multidisciplinary team in which I functioned as team architect. Other disciplines covered the topics of façade engineering, structural engineering, climate engineering and team management. Although I enjoyed working in a multidisciplinary team much, I’ll only discuss architectural decisions here.


An outdated 70m tall tower is already built on the design location, which is facing the central train station on the other side of the water. The aim was to incorporate the silhouette of that old building in the new design. In other words: the tower had to become a host for the old building. That’s where the name is derived from. Two other guest volumes are add to the host: One for the hotel and the other for the Roof of Amsterdam: a sky deck with a museum. All guest volumes accentuate places in the building that have more or less a public character.

The shape of the Host is developed by studying several parameters concerning view, sunlight and travel distance. A lot of daylight enters the building through an atrium in the middle, ending at +160m.


Much attention is spent on developing the plinth of the tower. Environmental stairs around the building are introduced to define pedestrian routings and to emphasize the public character of the plinth.

For instace, a pedestrian route along the waterfront is defined by the contours of the pit. At the point where the most people will arrive, the plinth has a raised edge as a welcoming gesture. This cantilevered part of the plinth contains an auditorium, which is put on a slope.



Top: Exterior renderings


Middle: Landscaping around the plinth


Bottom: Shape finding, LBS  and functions

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